I just received a Lionchief  Docksider locomotive from E-Bay. Upon testing it, it did not work. The cab light illuminates when power is applied to the track, but the loco does not produce any sounds and will not respond to commands from the remote. The red LED on the remote lights when switched on, then starts to blink rapidly after 1-2 seconds. (It reacts the same way without the loco on the track)

I think that the remote & loco are not communicating with each other. Am I correct, or am I missing something?  This is my 1st Lionchief loco.


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From what I guess to be the the Manual (https://www.lionelsupport.com/...60DocksiderRCset.pdf)

Problem: The LionChief Remote will not control the locomotive.

Resolution: First, ensure the remote you are using to control the locomotive is the proper one, mated to that locomotive. Reference the road name and road number printed on the remote with the road name and road number of the locomotive you are trying to control. Second, ensure you have installed three new Alkaline AAA batteries into the remote and the on/off switch is set to the “on” position. The red LED at the top of the remote should be on steady when the speed dial is in the top dead center position. The LED will begin to blink when the throttle knob is turned in either direction, slowly to quickly, mimicking the speed you set for the locomotive. The sounds in the locomotive should be on when you attempting to make the train go.

Thank you for the responses. The name on the remote does match the locomotive, and I installed new batteries. I have also read through the manual, which I downloaded from Lionel's website.

The fact that the remote reacts the same way with or without the locomotive (blinking LED) leads me to believe there is no communication between them.

When you place a LionChief loco on the track, sounds should start up once power is supplied regardless of a functional controller. If that's not happening, there is probably something wrong with the power supply (less likely) or (more likely) the loco. I suspect you have a defective loco. If it was not purchased from a dealer, you probably have no warranty, but you can ask for a refund, which is what I would do if you cannot get it to respond to the remote or initiate sounds upon power-up.

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