I found this and was surprised to say the least. I know I have been out of touch fighting serious health and life issues but how did I miss this?

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Paul S.

TCA# 08-62324

 Model railroading in mythical "Peach Hollow, VA!"

 Any day you wake up on the upside of the dirt is a good day!


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I wonder how many hoops Lionel had to jump through for the licensing?  Whatever it was, I'm sure Paul @VaGolfer1950 paved the way after all the work he did 10+ yrs ago to get the gorgeous two numbered versions made by Atlas-O.  Paul, I hope your health is improving and you're able to enjoy your golf game, occasional fishing and your father's passed down memento.

You can have a steam train ...If you'd just lay down your tracks.

Paul, I was asleep at the switch too. When I saw this thread, I thought you may have found a MPC car. What a nice surprise. I am sorry to hear that you're fighting health issues again. You're in my prayers. Get well. We need to hit the links. I'll bring the Natty Boh.

Brian, thank you for the link. My first thought was they were already sold out. To my surprise they are still listed as in stock. Just put my order in! It appears to be from the Weaver woodsided reefer molds. The double sheathed car would have been prettier but I'm not going to complain.

Gilly, thanks for posting your recent arrival. I had to have this offering in my collection too. I also now even before it arrives that it won't be up to par to the Atlas level of productions (in my book Atlas is still the best). However, I have just about every beer car that Weaver (and Atlas) ever produced and I'm not about to stop that now. Mine is on the way and it will be just as welcome as all of the other reefers that Joe H. and team offered (gosh I miss Weaver). A big thanks to METCA and Lionel for this offering. 

Yours truly, Beer Reefer Junkie

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