Lionel Milk Car can dispensing on my command control milk car

I recently installed the ERR mini in my 36621 milk car.  Prior to the install I checked it on my operating Fastrack (6-12054).  It dispensed well and worked smooth at about 12-14V.

After the install of the ERR mini, and with several voltage adjustments (5,6,7 and 8) it works ok at 7,but now it "chatters" when engaged.  Has anyone encountered the chatter, and what is making it happen? Hopefully I can calm the nervous milk man down.  Thanks, Brian.  I appreciate any suggestions of what to double check.....


Milk Car 36621


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Sounds like a coil is trying to pull in and doesn't have quite enough voltage to finalize to process.  I don't have any milk cars and am not sure what operates them, but something like a solenoid might be used.  If so that is the coil part.

Probably need to increase the voltage. Try 8 or 9 volts, increasing until chatter stops.

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