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Hi Guys, Im looking to buy Milwukee Road extruded aluminum passenger sets to compliment my legacy 261. Specifically, I'm Looking for the 6-25622 4 pack, the  6-25623 two pack, and 6-25517 diner. If anyone has these and are looking to move them along, or knows where I may find them, please let me know. Thank you very much! Todd 

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FYI... you might want to double-check those stock numbers... The aluminum 2-pack is likely a simple typo, as the correct number is 6-25623.


However, the dining car you mentioned is actually a heavyweight -- not aluminum.  Unfortunately, the Milwaukee Road aluminum cars were produced during a period when Lionel didn't produce -- and still hasn't -- any StationSounds diners, so there are only 6 aluminum cars in that set.  We'll know on Monday, Feb 2nd, if Lionel will be unveiling Legacy StationSound diners for some of these sets in their big 2015 catalog.  If they do, they'll have quite a bit of "catching up" to do in that regard.  



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