Does Lionel still have Modules with there new Engines with all the info of that engine you load into your hand held remote...

I had a whole bag of modules before I moved, and now have gone missing...can I get new modules from Lionel?


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You can manually load info on each engine into your Cab2 remote; OR, go to parts for your engine and see if Lionel offers one; I noticed one for my 2010 Challenger - $5 + shipping.

Once you have loaded all your engines into the command base (they're not stored in the remote), us the LSU (Legacy System Utility) to save the configuration. 

Another trick is to acquire some writable black modules and build a multi-engine module with all your stored locomotives.  That allows you to quickly configure any locomotive like the Orange modules.

Also many of the original orange modules are available in parts...and they are 1/2 price this weekend. Listed by engine a scroll down to the module.

It takes less time to just key in the information than to find the right module.  The toughest job will be keying in the locomotive name.

thanks people for your help, lots of idea's.  I have over 50 engines with modules that I can't find, so I guess I will start doing it manually as suggested.  The reason I did not load the modules in the first place was I only had Cab1 at the time..

There is a Lionel Legacy System Utility Program that you can download from Lionel support to your pc; I have used it to create an update module for the CAB2 base and remote to release 1.6; I had to connect the base to the pc via a 9 Pin Serial Port RS232 to USB Cable to connect your pc to the Base module $9.99  -;crid=3UJ1OB5OZSOVE

That system utility has the capability to backup and restore your loco info to from/your base.  I have not exercised this function and ought to.

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