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Hi Folks,

Just bought the Lionel 4-4-0 General 6-8701, and it appears in great condition and barely used.  So it runs very well (fast) in reverse, but slowly by comparison in forward.  How much "play" should there be in the armature, if any?

I think this is the motor:

I gather from searching the net that it's a thrust washer issue, but would that be the case here with this motor with the placement of the c-clips?

Any ideas welcome!

Thanks, Joe.

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Hi Grampstrains,

Thanks for the reply and advice!  I will oil and grease it all up, also, I want to put a switch on the smoke unit or change the light since they seem grounded together.

I put a little oil on the worm gear (will grease it later). So with power applied while holding in midair, I ran it in reverse for a few minutes at about 14 volts, and then forward, so now much improved.  Through the cab window, I can see the commutator jumping around a little in reverse, fairly stable in forward.  So perhaps a little washer might help.

(40 years doesn't seem that long to me!)

Thanks!  Take care, Joe.

P.S.  I am glad it doesn't have traction tires; I only pull short trains, lightweight rollingstock.  J.

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