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Just got my delivery of the new N8 crewtalk caboose.  Got it setup with an ID and didn't make one loop on the layout.  Noticed everytime it ran over a switch,  the lights went out. Checked the caboose to find one of wires to the pickup rollers was too short and broke off. Sigh. One center screw on each truck to remove the truck from the body.  Then you can access the 4 body screws.  With the bottom removed I can now unplug the wires so I have room to add an extension on. They really packed everything tight on the bottom to hide it.  Just makes it harder to work on.


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I agree, its very frustrating when stuff arrives broken.  Thankfully it was a simple fix.  It never should have happened.  How hard is to spec out the wire length so there is enough slack?  My spending is way down.  I've been getting too many issues with new stuff.  I'm lucky that I have the ability to fix these issues without having to send it back but not everyone can do that.

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