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Hello everyone, since I had to return my eBay Norfolk and Southern train set. I’m so confused on this model. There are so many different models I don’t know which one is a toy or which ones are for collectors. I have al the cars for it but no locomotive. Can someone reccomend a quality one that they have had good luck with? Thanks,Mark

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Good morning Mark-

Unfortunately I do not have any NS equipment, but I would be happy to help you select a new locomotive.

The first thing I consider is the type of locomotive - steam, electric or diesel. In this case Norfolk Southern runs all diesel locomotives, so we can eliminate steam or electric locomotives from the list.

The next thing I would consider is the primary job for locomotive, such as pulling a long train on the mainline, switching cars in a yard, or picking up and dropping off cars to different customers on a branch line. This helps narrow down the list of possible locomotive models.

After finding a model, the next thing I consider is the features I would want to have, such as dual motors, operating couplers, a sound system, and/or a smoke unit. If you run trains with a command system, the type of system you use will narrow the list to one or more model train manufacturers.

The last thing I consider is if the model I selected can actually be run on my railroad. This is very important because you want to ensure the locomotive you purchase can negotiate all the curves and switches on your layout without derailing. All manufacturers list the minimum radius curve the locomotive can operate over smoothly; usually the minimum curve is either 27", 31", or 42" depending on the model.

Let me know if I can be of any additional assistance!


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