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We are now assembling the former "BOWSER" Lionel "O" gauge wheel sets. These are the # 1661 series, as used on the #264 / 265, 259 etc. Available w or w/o cast in hubs, w / full nickel rims and gears cast on.  In January, we will offer same wheels w/ blackened full rim.  We will be listing the nickel sets this week.  Thank you, have a great Holiday.  Merry Christmas!!  Harry & crew 

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These wheel sets fit: Lionel 238E-249E-259E-262E-263E-264E-265E

  According to Lionel's pre war parts page for above locos, the parts numbers are as follows:

Plain gear wheel  #1661-44 ( Black w/ nickel rim}.                                         249E-19  plain geared wheel ( w/ black rim ).

Plain wheel w/ hub   1661-39  ( Black w/ nickel rim ).                                    249E-20 Plain geared wheel  w/ hub ) ( W/ black rim ).

Gear wheel w/ hub 1661-45  ( Black w/ nickel rim ).                                      249E-21   Geared wheel w/ hub  ( w/ black rims ).

Plain wheel   1661-38  ( Black  w/ nickel rim ).                                                249E-22  Plain wheel  ( w/  black rim ).

This is how we are going to list the wheel sets:

1661 4 pc. set ....$40.00

249E 4 pc. set......$40.00

We plan next year to list the same wheel sets w/ the thin nickel rim as time permits. These would be 264E-DW series.


Hi Harry, I guess I'm a slow learner. I'm still not sure which wheels you are coming out with.  The first picture is a set of Bowser repo 1661 wheels. Small axle hole, all die cast with no rims. The second pic is of early and late wheels for the 262 loco series. Note the larger axle hole for the heavier duty axle. The black rim wheel  is P/N SLS-257-26, the nickel rim is 249E-22. Note the SLS wheel is tapped for 4-36 rod screw, the 249 wheel is tapped for 6-32. The 3rd picture compares the 1661 wheel with the 262 series wheels. The last two are pics of the service manual pages. What am I missing?IMG_0641IMG_0645IMG_0646IMG_0642IMG_0643


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  • IMG_0641: Bowser 1661 wheel sets
  • IMG_0645: Early and late 262 wheels
  • IMG_0646: Compairson of 3 wheel types
  • IMG_0642
  • IMG_0643
  • IMG_0644
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I am not sure about Lionel part numbers. I have seen conflicting sheets , but this will be my wheel listing:

Chemically blackened w/ full nickel rim. Fits locos # 238E, 249E, 259E, 262E, 263E, 264E & 265E.

249E-19n  Plain geared wheel, no hub, tapped  4:36 rod hole.

249E-20n Plain wheel w/ hub, tapped 4:36 rod hole

249E-21n geared wheel w/ hub, tapped 4:36 rod hole

249E-22n plain wheel, no hub, tapped 4:36

The set number will be:  249E-N

The same set w/ blackened rims will be # 249E-B

Both sets will retail for $40.00 a set.

  I hope this is not too confusing.  Harry

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