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Danny S:

What is the item number of your set ?

Is it the 1993 D&RG CZ set with 15" cars ?

Or the 2000 WP CZ set with 15" cars ?

Or the 2003 CB&Q CZ set with 15" cars ?

Or the ~2016 D&RG CZ set with 18" cars ?  

I have the 15" sets & have never had any problems.  But I have never had or used a remote uncoupled sections.

I hope other members will have feedback for you on their experiences with your specific set,

Would you be willing to try a few tests and report the results for diagnosis?  First, with power on but using your hands only, push each car (one at a time) over the uncoupler in both directions.  Do both uncouplers on each end of every car fire in both push directions?

Next, do you have another remote uncoupling track that you could substitute in your layout?  If you do, please switch them out and try the tests above again.

I'm sure some of our electrical experts here would recommend putting a meter connection across selected parts for test results, but my brain is electrically challenged (dense??), so I can't suggest what meter to use or how.  Maybe you should consider moving this thread to the electrical forum?  If you want to do that, just ask the forum administrators.


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The issue only occurs on an operating track which has the uncoupler built in, not on a standard uncouple track. The uncouple feature is wired to an accessory transformer and does not get power from the track transformer. If the track power is off during the rolling by hand test, the problem does not occur. In the opposite scenario with track power on and auxiliary power off, the problem does occur when i hand roll the cars over the operating track. All couplers do not open when rolled in both directions.

I have 8 operating tracks and the problem occurs with only 5 of the 8.

Does that make any sense to you?

It seems odd that this problem only occurs with the California Zephyr cars. I unplugged the wire from the truck that powers the interior lights and it made no difference.

Thanks for all of your help.


Car 1 - Ends are labeled as A and B with A to the right

When I roll end A to the right over Operating Track1, A opens both ways – B opens occasionally

When I roll over Operating Track 2, B opens left and A not at all.

When I turn the car around with B leading right over OT-2, B open left only and A occasionally

Car 2 – When I roll over OP-1, A end opens both ways & B not at all

When I roll over OP-2, B opens left only and B not at all

When I turn the car around and roll over OP-1, B opens both ways & A not at all

When I roll over OP-2, A opens right only and B not at all

I tested the other two cars also with similar results

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