Can any of the electronics wizards on here answer this question for me? I have been searching for a mod for my lionel 65167 and 65168  switches to keep from burning out the coils and I found this diagram. I was wondering if the same circuit would work for atlas and the DZ-1000 switch machines and what would the wiring diagram look like.


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The DZ1000 uses a small microswitch to cut off motor current at end of travel, full point closure.  Thus this circuit would not be of value here, other than might give more zip to motor throw power insuring end to end lock (speculation).

I believe (use this info at your risk, maybe try on salvaged motor) that you could use this capacitor discharge circuit for Atlas motors,  The two outside motor screws would connect to the control rails, assuming that rails are actually insulated from outside rail ground (might need to ohm-meter out those rails and cut jumper as needed to maintain all outside rail continuities.  The  wire you show as "jumper wire" would go to the switch motor center screw (which should be the common connection between both coils.)  You may have to adjust the resistor for how fast the capacitor recharges after each use.  The capacitor supplies the high current to get motor to move but then dies away so coils aren't being operated at full voltage and over heat.  Suggest start with high value resistor then decrease until you get motor to just snap reliably but not overheat (measure coil voltage after operating, ie a car sitting on control rail or holding down the remote control switch).  Higher the value the longer it takes capacitor to fully recharge but lower voltage across coil. 

Of course you can still connect your remote control box wires to the two outside motor screws and its common third wire to outside rail ground.

Hope this helps. 

Thank you I wasn't sure if the DZ-1000's were protected when parking on the switch. As far as the atlas switch machines go I have about a dozen but I wasn't sure if I wanted to use them. I will probably stick with my lionel,  gargraves and ross switches with the dz-1000's and just modify the lionel switches and offer up the atlas switches for sale.

Thanks again for the info 


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