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@JPThut posted:

I recently purchased a used Lionel Odyssey Niagara and everything works fine but the smoke unit. I don't have a problem working with smoke units but this engine seems to be more difficult to get to the smoke unit than most others. Can anyone give help with this procedure?


John T.

I’m guessing your other thread was in the wrong place?….I seen it had been deleted,……

Check the easy stuff first: make sure the switch is working, no broken wires on the switch, etc,…then check the radio board to make sure the feature code hasn’t been scrambled by a possible derailment, short, etc,…in the owner’s manual, there should be a detailed description of that procedure…..I believe the feature code is 74 …..but don’t hold me to that …I’d verify the known easy problems before going to the smoke unit like a missile …


If the wire connections are OK then check the smoke resistor. If that's OK it could be the triac on the R2LC.

To get the boiler top off there are 2 screws under the cab and 2 near the cylinders (one on each side). You'll need to remove the smoke deflectors as well, there are 3 screws holding each one one. Once you get those off you can get at the smoke unit.

Thanks to all! Lou1985, thanks for the help with disassembly. For some reason I had the idea this was a tougher than usual process so wanted more instructions. The easy things didn't help so I took off the boiler shell and the resistor was caked with hard black stuff like charcoal. Some of the wick was burnt. I removed that and put power to it on the workbench. The resistor got warm so I reassembled it and tried it out. Nothing....... I do have 27ohm resistors so I guess I'll try replacing that and see if that does the trick.

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