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Just placed an order for parts.  If you had a cart sitting since yesterday, I would make a copy of it before you do anything, as the sale discount also reset the shopping cart to empty.  I had a list written down, so I was ok, but it wouldn’t be a good morning if you had no recollection of what was in there and it dumps it.

FWIW, the parts site has been having issues for months, I called and they said "we're working on it", but I guess they're still working on it.

Sounds like management at my place of employment. 😂

I've had no issues yet with my cart I've had saved for a month. I did notice when scrolling for parts the screen locked up a few times. Probably a lot of traffic too.

Have fun with the hunt of parts guys and gals!

The problems with the site are in getting to your account.  One of the things that is no longer usually possible is seeing your previous orders.  If you click around a few times, sometimes you can get it to let you into your account and access the purchase history.  So far I have been able to place orders, even though it's flaky.

If you clear your browser cookies, the cart will be gone, that's how they save it.

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This is year 4 for me and the 50% off parts sale and each year I hold my breath when placing the order to see if it goes through. When the order was placed early this morning, I did not see the message that I'd be getting a confirmation email of my order which has been promised in the past but never showed up, (and forumites would post on a day like today asking where their confirmation emails were.)

Despite not seeing such a message at the time this year's order was placed, an email listing my complete order was received almost instantly after placing the order.

Fortunately, the many times the site was visited and parts added to and removed from the cart, the cart remained in tact.  All things considered...

Thank you, LIONEL!

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