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Here is a recent 4K video of 4 Lionel postwar sets (or "outfits" per Lionel) on my postwar layout. The smell of hot oil and ozone was most enjoyable by the end of the shoot!



Absolutely love the catalog to layout concept, your video skills aswell as your layout. Thanks for sharing

Oh yeah, with postwar we don need no stinkin' recorded sounds!


As a scaley Hi-Railer I enjoyed that more than I should have. Enjoyable to see some of these old sets running at less than light speed. They can, too; I don't expect Cruise Commander Creep. The diesel horn sounded better than I recall (I had a 2055 steamer as a kid - still have it - but I heard a diesel or two back then).

Nice stuff. Boy, I'll bet there was a lot of coffee spilled when that section car changed direction. 

Really well put together. I enjoyed this video immensely. It’s funny how no steam engines were included, but diesels are so much more colorful.

I also appreciate how much quieter  a modern layout is. I use atlas track on Cork roadbed which sits on a soundboard that is glued, not screwed, to  the plywood


WILLIAM 1, Will, John, Peter, TSTARK, ROMAN and Don, thank you for all of your nice comments, I really appreciate it! D500, being a scale guy as well, I was trying to run the trains fast and just couldn't bring myself to get them up to true postwar speed, although the 2023 Alcos on the upper level look kinda precarious on the curves. The gang car is insane and won't reverse unless it is running near mach 1 so I slowed the video to 50% on the last reversal at the whistle station. Alan, my first video of this layout from about a year ago had two steamers running but I am sorely lacking nice steamers. Don, as I recall you are a video guy, and you are correct, this session was a lot of fun. Thanks all!


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Wow, right up my alley! Love the video. Great work with the catalog, too.

Here's a quick shot of the Gandy Dancer Set on my PW layout.


Wow, that looks just like a Lionel display layout. Well done!


Right you are TJ and thanks.

It's my version of the D-105, a 5x9 two level layout. Mostly faithful to the original with a few tweaks of my own.


TJ that was a really enjoyable video and some great Prewar trains, which IMHO were some of the greatest trains produced in the hobby. That is what makes this so much fun and brings back so many childhood memories for so many of us. Keep those videos coming.





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Lionel Trains’s the hobby that gets better with age!!!

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