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Here is a link to an auction for the set I had when I was a kid, which, I thoroughly destroyed (save for the GG-1 which is the only thing I still have.)  I was looking to piece the set together, but unfortunately for me, the bidding is going higher than my current income allows.

Just thought I'd share.

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@c.sam posted:

Nice to see these older sets still in great condition. As mentioned above, it would be fairy easy to pick up the individual cars without any boxes. Do you use Super O track?  To me, that is still one of the best track systems we have!

I love the look of Super-o track.  It can be found pretty inexpensively.  The track in the auction looks a bit tarnished.

That is a beautiful set. Postwar Lionel at it's best! My price guide puts the value at $2400 in excellent condition.

A few years ago I purchased a Black postwar #2332 GG1 and three postwar Irvington passenger cars off Craigslist. The set had no boxes but the incredible thing was I purchased everything for $25.00. Condition of the GG1 is excellent and the Irvington cars are in like new condition. The engine runs as smooth as silk. This set was purchased in Las Vegas and people don't believe me when I tell them how much I paid. Talk about an incredible find I will never top it.

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