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So I have started my final steps to finishing my first clean and paint of a very ugly old locomotive.

I just finished the motor and pendulum eunit cleaning and wire replacement and I was wondering if anyone has tried installing a electronic eunit in this type of locomotive.

I acquired 6 units and plan on customizing some of them with barrel eunits, keep the pendulum eunits and try a electronic eunit.

Here is before video of the first unit I’m cleaning and painting


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Flat black before clean and paint
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Simple diagrams of eunit wiring  Basic wire for eunits and manual switch Basic wire for pendulum eunit this not actually how mine was wired. the two post for lights were not circuited to the internals of the unit (dead ends) and there was no explanation on the grounding of the actuator windings.  I am going to make a diagram and post after I do another locomotive to see if there is a difference between model years.

more to come.


Images (10)
  • Basic wire for eunits and manual switch
  • Basic wire for pendulum eunit
  • EBB715CF-EC8B-43AC-8ADB-DE30DBCCDD74: Breakdown
  • 4D9E78B0-0786-4E92-98E8-C0D92E249F28: Switch
  • AC0CEC83-02B0-4FFE-9F08-2EB1B054A7DE: Broken wire on actuator coil
  • 9609B3ED-41EF-4534-9486-F4C70D9EEC4F: Attaching new extension wire to coil
  • 52987190-7A11-40D1-92B4-8DC17FABB8E3: Connecting actuator ground to ground contact
  • 5EBCBFDF-F454-45ED-8FDD-88676A300959: Mounted and wiring in
  • BBD7DF12-7B02-429B-9B0A-FC644503F148: Ready for testing
  • E5C6F6A6-BA77-4B6E-9C8D-C01094D50B7F: Full wire with lights

Striping the old paint off the 260T 96D48EF7-A82D-439C-BABB-48D63EF2F0CB

had time so I stripped off two 600 series passenger cars 18D21E6C-F60D-40D3-916B-68BE6629AFB2

Cleaning off and removing the dents of the cars I use a wooden dowel to rub out small dents 18D21E6C-F60D-40D3-916B-68BE6629AFB2

rubbing out dents with dowelE6A6D06E-8537-4A05-ABC1-144A5E918481

so that ends my weekend with trains have family and honey dews.
Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday and keep those veterans who have sacrificed all so we can enjoy our freedoms.

God bless all veterans and their families.


Images (6)
  • 96D48EF7-A82D-439C-BABB-48D63EF2F0CB: 260T
  • 01DE221B-1FBE-4D41-8A58-45D5755E4BD5: 606 and 605 cars
  • 18D21E6C-F60D-40D3-916B-68BE6629AFB2: Steelwool and dent removal
  • 1377E010-B030-4D73-BBA7-C74AEA82BBEF
  • 66941669-597A-4E89-BF6A-2F69109AC53B
  • E6A6D06E-8537-4A05-ABC1-144A5E918481: Dent removal

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