Lionel PRR K4 + NYC Mikado + More, For Sale or Trade


First let me say I will sell for the prices listed or would be happy to negotiate a trade for Legacy steam, preferably the Southern PS-4 Pacific, ATSF 4-8-4, or anything Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, NYC, B&O or C&O. Open to other roads, too, just shoot me an email!  Can be cash on my end depending on the trade.

Now, what I have for sale/trade:

- Lionel 6-38025 Pennsylvania K4 4-6-2 #1361 with TMCC/Railsounds/etc. This engine was new old stock and was only removed from the shipping carton for the first time last spring. Engine has seen at best an hour of run time and runs great except for an occasional flicker from the top front class lights which I assume is a loose wire connection somewhere in the engine. Locomotive runs, looks, and sounds flawless otherwise and will come in the original box in the original shipping carton. Asking $650 plus shipping.

- Lionel 6-18079 New York Central 2-8-2 Mikado #1967 with TMCC/Railsounds/etc. Runs and looks perfect. Got this locomotive in a trade and just haven't had much use for it.
Comes in the original Styrofoam insert but unfortunately the outer box was missing. Asking $450 plus shipping.

- Williams (pre-Williams by Bachmann) Pennsylvania scale heavyweight 5-car passenger set. Don't have much information on this set, but it's an older Williams set, includes 5 cars and not 4 like the newer sets, and is in near flawless condition. The outer box was missing and only the inner Styrofoam section came with it. Includes baggage car #10197 "Railway Express Agency", coach #3553 "Orange City", coach #3554 "Red Bluff", coach #3555 "Alexander", and observation #1302 "Capitol Heights". Set is lighted and has opening doors on the ends. $250 or $825 combined with the Lionel K4, plus shipping.

- MTH Premier Pennsylvania #478069 "Buckeye Region" caboose. Lighted and in flawless condition. $40 plus shipping.

Thanks for looking!


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