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Lionel PS-1 Box Car Freight Sounds & Flat Spot switch settings - MATRIX

You would think for 100 bucks each, Lionel would have marked the switches more professionally. At least put the settings in the manual. Another lazy Quality over site again, just pathetic. They should pay me to do this stuff.

So, here’s is what I discovered so far as I heard. If you have additional input, feel free to post your findings.L SND SW [1)

L SND SW [2)

PC L PS1 FLAT SPOT SP Collection 21 [1)



Images (4)
  • L SND SW  (1)
  • L SND SW  (2)
  • PC L PS1 FLAT SPOT SP Collection 21  (1)
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Yes, thank you. I have also noticed that you need to understand which generation of freight sounds the car is equipped with and how to tune the volume to get the desired effect. To me, at least, when I use the second generation sound car at full volume, the track sounds sound like someone beating on the inside of the car with a sledge hammer. But if I dial the volume down, it sounds alot more like rail joint clickety clack. I am looking forward to getting a flat spot car and seeing how it does under lowered volume. Of course the effects are also impacted by the size of room and train and other competing sounds on the layout.

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