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Hello: I have 2 questions,  Are Lionel Radio boards 691- R2LC-2 All the same?

I have a Lionel Postwar Celebration series Berkshire #631757 does not run I was told the radio board smokes. when I looked at the engine I noticed the heat sink holding the motor driver did not have any insulators separating the board from the heat sink.  I worked on a scale Hudson  earlier this year and it had insulators separating the 2 when I checked the schematics for the Berkshire 610 1130001 It didn't show insulators.  Is there a reason for no insulators or did someone take the engine apart and overlooked the insulators on reassembly? I would appreciate some feedback on this issue before I install a new radio board.

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No, they're not all the same.  There are different firmware versions and even changes in the design.  The 6-31757 uses the most common variety, the R2LC-C08.  You can also use the -C13 if you have one.

Why do you think the R2LC is bad?  Even if the insulators were required on that motor driver board (they're not), it wouldn't have affected the R2LC.  Did you try the R2LC in another locomotive?

Here's a quote from Jon Z. years ago, the data is still valid I suspect since those versions have been stable for a very long time.

@SantaFeFan posted:

R4LC:  S01 and S02 are just earlier versions of the S03 with some minor feature improvements in the code which don't translate to something visible to the user.

Later versions of the R4LC (beyond S03) are for Legacy Pullmor support (stall set  capability).  The latest R4LC code will work in any earlier version applications.

The R2LC is a bit more complicated.  The C08 code (which has been ported to the R4LC for ElectricRR use), is basic, stable, feature rich; and does the task.  Later versions of the R2LC code (C11, C13) added some tweaks for Lionel Odyssey.  You should not change revs of R2LC code in any particular loco/application. Except..

I don't know much about R2LC-C07, but I do avoid using it and try to upgrade to C08 - unless C08 fails to work as expected in the particular loco/application.

Actually, they all should be labeled, the missing label just means it fell off.

It's possible to identify the -08 and later ones from the -07 and earlier ones without the label, but I don't know of any way to identify a -08 from the -11 or -13 versions.  The -7 had a reversed polarity on the marker and light outputs, and anything earlier than the -7 has a tunable can and not the black ceramic resonator.

For the record. There are 2 “stable” versions of code on R2LC’s; C08 & C13.

C07 code is stable, but headlight polarity is reversed, so its really only designed for 1 production run of C-420’s, refer to the exploded view diagram to see what models this applies to.

There are also R4LC’s with “C08” code on them, which will work in all TMCC 1 applications as well (these are typically sold by ERR).

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Thanks for the info on Radio boards. I'm not sure the R2LC08 I have is good. I don't have any other Lio. engines I can try it in. I orderd  2 more from Lionel today.  When I tried the R2LCO8 I have  I didn't get any change. No lights, smoke or movement its like I'm not getting any power. but all pickup wires show continuity to the boards. I didn't  see any burn or breaks on the bottom of mother board. Any suggestions .

Actually the C07 has the marker light polarity reversed. Used in C420's and early Harriman 2-8-0's.

I think we need to clear up a misconception here.

The polarity that is reversed is the lighting outputs on pin-9-10 and 13-14.  There is no "marker light" output from the R2LC/R4LC.  On the R2LC-C07 version the lighting outputs are positive in respect to ground in command mode, and on the R2LC-C08 and later versions the lighting outputs are negative in respect to ground in command mode.  Lighting outputs are full-wave track power on either of these versions in conventional mode.

In the C420's, the headlight outputs are used to drive the markers as well, and the reversed polarity required a wiring change to use the R2LC-C08 in that engine.  This is also why the C420 markers would work in conventional mode and not in command mode.

Lionel Berkshire #631757 I installed a new R4LC-8  Headlight went on briefly than went out.

What  engine does now in conventional or TMCC  Reprogramed new board (74)

Engine does nothing no light ,smoke or movement. Every third or fourth time  headlight goes on, smoke, and it can run in reverse, no forward . Turn power off  and try again nothing. Tried wiggling plugs & wires Last time I checked I had power to 1&3 & 2&4 on board. Its like I have bad connection or a broken wire. I'm going to check for ground.  I wasn't to happy to see I could only get reverse.

One other odd thing when I tried to hook up the tender w/RS  the sound goes off. I think I'll leave the tender off until I find out whats wrong with the engine.  Any suggestions

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