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When Lionel re-issues a set such as the #2421, 22, 23, and 29 passenger cars, with the same number, is there any way to determine the new number from the old if you do not have that information, or a new car that may have that number stamped on the bottom?  Of course the 6-XXXX does not work, and so far, have been able to find a listing in Greenberg's for the re-issue cars.

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Greenberg doesn't always list breakouts for items that are originally sold in a set.

The reissues of these cars, the cars listed by @bmoran4 above, came in a set with product number 6-31778.  This is listed in the Greenberg guides.

BTW -- To find these together with their set number, but without prices, go to this link:

   Full List of Postwar Celebration (PWC) and Conventional Classics, updated to the Fall 2013 catalog | Larry Neal

Thanks to @Larry Neal for the list.


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