Lionel Rico station kitbash to CPR

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 This kit was already built before I decided to start detailing it( dont do this lol) and did require some dissasembly during the work

  Here are a few pics of the project to date 

I’m moving onto the 2nd floor construction next



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Wainscoting is wood panels or milled bead board installed on the walls from the floor to some height usually 3 to 4 feet up the wall with a horizontal chair rail type molding at the top and baseboard molding at floor level.   Looks from the photos like you found something depicting bead board ?

Really nice job, makes me want to take my Rico station out and do some remodeling in the future, of course mine too is 90% assembled, bummer...  Great colors for that structure

Thank you Gentlemen for the clarification

  I would call it panelling lol Good to know the correct terms   

  I have been using Evergreen Plastic sheeting and Plastruct for materials     

  The wainscoting is O scale 3 1/4” car siding as well as the roof soffits that I ripped to 1” strips on my mini table saw

  Stocked up on some more plastic supplies and glue today at the local train shop 


Thank you Joe!

   I have done some modifications to my modifications lol

  1st floor was flimsy due to the thin styrene sheet I used so I strengthened with some 1” x 1/4” strips laminated with the panel design to pose as a pony wall around the perimeter     

 I also painted the interior walls the same colour as the first floor module

  I decided to make it easy to pull the floors out to detail for sanity sake   

  Here are some pics 



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7764BF9A-D816-46C1-BDA9-1B756013C0F4FEE9BCA3-CC94-4663-B8B3-32E8E1B01CBE30E37E26-358F-4238-9A36-839BD60D1CC41AC13957-2C77-47BE-A57C-8BD388EA209D62272021-C45D-49A8-AB74-1B383EF511D4   Well progress has been slow but i have almost finished the 2nd floor module  

 I will be installing another room for a bath tub sink and water closet if I can find some detail parts

   The ground floor still requires a ticket office built as well

  Coach Joe - I will be indeed be detailing the freight shed side as well

  I just thought I would cut my teeth on the easy part first lol

  Here are a few pics 



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Al, the interior looks great!  On the landing a few stairs up from the main floor, where the stairs turn back, are you going to have a railing, half wall, or full height wall.  The half wall or railing would make the stairs more visible from the outside.

Mark Boyce posted:

Al, the interior looks great!  On the landing a few stairs up from the main floor, where the stairs turn back, are you going to have a railing, half wall, or full height wall.  The half wall or railing would make the stairs more visible from the outside.

A railing is a must there Mark (and Al;-) to keep the view clear! Fantastic build.

 Yes I concur about the railing in the landing

safety first! Thank you All for the kudos hope you’re enjoying the mods this far 

  I have been looking for detail parts like railings bannisters to no avail but nothing  lol

  This has been a project that one could totally go over the edge with in details but I need to balance $$$ available and where do you draw the line? I made it modular so I could easily work on it in the future with out to much fuss

 I am looking at making metal bed frames from copper wire and brass angle for the upstairs bedrooms but I need to run trains too!

 Detail parts via the internet will be costly so they will be added down the road unless I make the parts 



I agree on the detail parts.  You could grow broke buying everything you could fit in a station.  That is a great idea to make it modular, so you can add details when they become available or you build some.  You are right too about the need to take time out to run trains!!

Hi Sean

  You can dissolve old glue carefully with liquid styrene cement applied to the existing joint until it gets soft  and use a sharp blade to help separate the pieces   

  Some sanding required usually to clean and square up the pieces for reassembly

   I had to break apart the main roof for example to correct some of the errors in the original build

   It can be done just be patient lol


D7E0AD64-19E9-453E-ADCA-31AE639A17447E343DA0-D42F-4D0C-842B-F841F00C33F16B8C9BA8-FBD4-4A47-BEC9-D0C1AB478805AA400626-7FEA-4E69-8BA9-1A9021E802F0Still playing around with scratch building more details to add some realism   

 I decided to make an orderboard and CP sign to dress up the exterior by using scrap styrene paint and some HO decals for graphics   

 I wasn’t sure how to detail the order board with chaulk writing until I came up with scribing the black painted surface with a sharp

point of an xacto blade. Im happy with the results   

 Here are a few pics 



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