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I bought a lionel RS-3 from my grandfathers friend and I noticed it has a spot for another motor.  I think I would need pick ups, and the motor/gears but the gears are already on the wheels.  See the picture below:

What else would I need and part numbers would greatly help.  Thank you!122270659_629857577680504_5850383418063015229_n


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If you go to the Lionel site and look for replacement parts you should be able to find your model. The link should take you to all of the RS-3 parts.

The truck is less than $30 bucks. I would think you just need to take from the wires coming from the E-unit and connect the 2 motors in parallel or serial. I bought a Southern RS-3 off of the auction site and was distressed to find it was a entry level engine. Lots of plastic, not very heavy. I am going to add another motor truck to mine and weight in the form of birdshot. You can also wire the pickups and tap into the input side of the board which will effectively lengthen your pickup footprint and help to avoid stalls on turnouts. I also have a Happy Holidays RS-3 from I think the 90s. IIRC it had a metal frame and railings. I want to get them open side by side and see if I can swap the shells. I want to wire the Happy Holidays with the mini LEDS from (? I have it bookmarked on my home PC) and I think the plastic rails would be safer.


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