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Perhaps some of my wiser and more learned colleagues can help with this?  Why, does it seem nearly impossible (for me at least) to find these semaphores? They are listed in Lionel catalogs from 1920-1927 and maybe after but for some reason are a very elusive critter to locate. I've seen examples at the TCA museum and photos on line (limited) but am really wondering why they seem to be non-existent? They can't be that rare?



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Dennis hi,

I'm not sure. It could be? The flag reminds me of a Ferguson product but the post looks like Lionel/Flyer? The photo with the car in background is from TCA Museum, stand alone photo is from the web via Worth point, and lastly the Lionel Catalog page 1924. All three images show three light flag and lattice stand, base identical to say a #068 warning sign and the height (which is important @ approx. 8") Go figure, I've searched ebay, auctions, an antique centers- for this thing, would like to purchase (2) but can't even find one. Thanks for asking, maybe someone can shed some light?    John

 1928 Lionel display #62 semaphorecourtesy of Worthpoint-prewar-lionel-62-manual-Lionel 1924 catalog accessory page


Images (3)
  • 1928 Lionel display #62 semaphore
  • courtesy of Worthpoint-prewar-lionel-62-manual-
  • Lionel 1924 catalog accessory page
Dennis Holler posted:

Is this one?


Close but it's not a Lionel #62, it was sold by Hafner, who might have purchased everything but the blade from Lionel.

To date I have found only two colors of the base and post — all apple green or all pea green. TCA's Std of the World book lists a dark green base with a yellow post. There were three targets, but the blade could be set in only two positions.

In my article in the TCQ, on Lionel signals, 38 years ago, I commented "Although this semaphore was catalogued from 1920 -1932, very few show up at  meets."

Ron M

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