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Figure this needed it's own thread instead of posting in the 50% off parts sale so here goes.

As some of you know, I've been quite critical of the long wait times calling Lionel service for either parts or RMA for a warranty return.  Long waits or dropped calls day after day with no luck.

So when it came to the 50% off sale today there were a couple of parts I needed that were listed as "Must Call Lionel"   Oh great I said to myself.  Figure I'd give it a try and call at lunch.  To my amazement within seconds someone picked up on the other side.  I was floored and lost my train(pun intended) of thought for a few seconds.  I didn't know what to do, never talked to a live person on the phone before at Lionel.  Anyway got my ordered in, the Lionel rep was very nice and helpful.  Added my parts to the order I had just placed online.

Thank you Lionel keep up the good work.

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@superwarp1 posted:

It's funny I got two of the three orders right away.  The third larger one still says processing.  I emailed and they say they are still backed up from all the orders.   No worries I don't need the parts right away.

Before the sale I had an order filled and shipped in one day. Now over a week and they have even started filling orders placed after the sale.


.... Aaron was the only one working before. Now its him, Katie, and one other lady.

I called on Wednesday since my sale order hadn't shipped, yet, and got in on two rings and spoke with a helpful lady, Sharon. 

Parts shipped Thursday and ETA Tuesday.  I'm holding my breath to see if I receive three critical parts that cost about $35 out of the total parts order of $400+ -- the parts order shows them as shipped -- fingers crossed.

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