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A Star Scout as a boy, I never missed a meeting or camping trip. Only a handful of scouts became Eagles in our rural area, but Scouting was the best experience a boy could have. Besides, there was no way I was ever going to obtain Lifesaving merit badge, a "must have" requirement in those days.  I have been a registered scout and scouter for 58 years, joining Cubs when I was eight years old. I wasn't registered while in college, but joined A Phi O fraternity (a scouting affiliated, but not officially recognized organization). In Scouting, you name it, I've done it. Still doing it!  Along the way I raised two Eagle Scout sons and my best railfan and O-guage buddy, my grandson, is waiting for the weather and the current health crisis to allow him to finish his Eagle Project. 

Currently, and for many years I have served as Chairman and now Vice Chair of the local council (NEPA) Eagle Board of Review.  Every month I get to meet the finest young men (and soon young women) in the world. To hear them talk about their journey to Eagle and to see how they have grown and matured into fine young adults and good citizens is one of the most rewarding experiences of my scouting career.  


Yours, in Scouting,




Hear, hear!!  I still believe the Scouting is the finest experience a young person can have.  While we might not ever build another campfire using two matches and a lot of air, the process of preparing to do so carries over to life.

Before someone mentions adult Scout leaders' who take advantage- there are (as of today) 2.3 million youth (boys AND girls) and 1 million adult leaders in the organization.  Using the accepted average length of service of adult leaders- 3 years- that means in the past 50 years there have been some (1 million X 50/3) 16 MILLION adult leaders.


Even 1/10th of one percent of that many people is 176,000 bad actors, or 3500 on average each year for the past 50 of the BSA in America.  For comparison to the 1 million adult Scout leaders, there are approximately 36,000 active Roman Catholic Priests,  and 18,000 Deacons, in the USA.


Mike Wyatt

Eagle Scout, 1965

Scoutmaster 1989 1992

Explorer Advisor 1992 - 1993

Last edited by Mike Wyatt

Eagle Scout 2004

Philmont 2001, ROCS 2002

I really hope my son enjoys Scouting, camping, hiking, backpacking, and trains as much as I do. Never knew about a BSA or Eagle themed train however. Definitely going to be looking that up 

Eagle Scout with 3 palms 1963

National Jamboree - Valley Forge 1964

Camp Edward Staff 1965-67 (Forest Lakes Council - Scranton, PA)

Alpha Phi Omega (Alpha Chapter) - Life Member

You can always identify a former scout. When buying a Christmas Tree from the local Boy Scouts, if the price is $45.00, we hand the leader 3-$20s and tell the troop to keep the change.


Eagle and Vigil Honor in 1995. Philmont in 1990 and 1996. National Jamboree in 1993. 7 National Order of the Arrow Conferences. Former Lodge Chief of Tonkawa Lodge. Former Staff member of Lost Pines Scout Reservation. Did Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Exploring, and Venturing. Still active today.

My paternal grandmother grew up in DC and served as a Girl Scout Guide at the 1937 National Jamboree.

My uncle was in scouts over in Germany while my grandfather was stationed there. 

My nephew earned his Eagle a few years back and got to experience Philmont as well. His nephew is a Tiger Cub.

If anyone is interested here is a list of BSA related items from my collection.  I think (?) this is the entire Lionel BSA list and I''m not aware of any MTH items.   The  Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America LEGACY ES44AC Diesel #2010  is pretty rare.  On the few occasions I see it, it is priced way above MSRP.  It's diecast and for all intents and purposes a twin of the CP VisionLine ES44AC.  

These are the scale items.   Which I usually run when we have scouts at the club.

Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America LEGACY ES44AC Diesel #2010 6-28347
Boy Scouts of America Scale PS-2 Hopper6-27093
Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #20106-27449
Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America PS-1 Boxcar #20106-27298
Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America Ca-3 Caboose6-27645


KMTBoy Scouts Box Car 
LionelEagle Scout Box car6-15075
LionelBSA 90th Anniversary Box Car6-26237
LionelBoy Scout Box Car6-26275
LionelBoy Scouts of America Christmas Gondola 6-26481
LionelBSA Flatcar with Pinewood Derby Kit6-26654
LionelBSA Flatcar with Trailer6-26666
LionelBoy Scouts of America Scale PS-2 Hopper6-27093
LionelUnion Pacific Boy Scouts of America PS-1 Boxcar #20106-27298
LionelUnion Pacific Boy Scouts of America 3-Bay Cylindrical Hopper #20106-27449
LionelUnion Pacific Boy Scouts of America Ca-3 Caboose6-27645
LionelBoy Scouts of America® Crane 6-37075
LionelBoy Scouts of America® Covered Bridge 6-37130
LionelBSA Scout Law Boxcar6-39319
Lionel"Prepared. For Life"™ Boxcar 6-39358
LionelCub Scout™ Boxcar 6-39360
Lionel Union Pacific Boy Scouts of America LEGACY ES44AC Diesel #2010 6-28347
Lionel Boy Scouts of America 0-8-0 Freight Set (0-8-0 Steam Loco #1910) 6-30123
Lionel Boy Scouts of America 0-8-0 Freight Set (Loco #1910) 6-30161
Lionel Vintage Boy Scouts Figure Pack6-37828

Scouting was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I became an Eagle scout when I was 16. Worked Nassau County Council NY Camp staff from 1971-1975  Never forgot what I learned.  Made me who I am today.

I was a Boy Scout. I enjoyed camping and outings and didn’t care about advancement. All three of my sons took a different approach and are all Eagle Scouts with palms (youngest is the overachiever with 6, others had 3). I was Den leader, ASM, SM, and now back to ASM again. Many great times with the boys at scouting events over the years. I did get the Eagle cars for them. 


  Anybody have an Eagle Scout Boxcar for sale . I need one for a soon to be Eagle Scout and fellow train nut. The little guy next to me.

At this point they've become somewhat collectible and the prices I've seen them for sale at show it.  There are a few on eBay right now and they seem to have sold in the recent past for between $80-150.  I bought my brother one a few years ago not too long after they went out of production and definitely paid a hefty price for it even then.

I was awarded my Eagle Scout  in November 1967 in the famous railroad town of Garrett, Indiana.  I have the Eagle Scout and Boy Scout boxcars.  My former layout included a scout camp. Incidentally in 1967 there were no "alternative" merit badges to  lifesaving.   You sank or swim. I swallowed a lot of lake water back in those days.

Awarded Eagle in January of 2018. By far one of my most memorable experiences was Philmont. I had an amazing experience in scouting and was able to complete my eagle project at the local train station.  I am searching for the lionel BSA UP 2010 like many others....


Images (1)

I consider earning the rank of Eagle Scout (1972, Troop 161, Bethesda Presbyterian Church, York, SC) as one of the greatest accomplishments in my life.


  Anybody have an Eagle Scout Boxcar for sale . I need one for a soon to be Eagle Scout and fellow train nut. The little guy next to me.

Mike, unfortunately I can't help you with the search.  Wishing you luck on finding one. 

My eldest earned his Eagle Scout in 2018 and I'm a former Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster (that's my uniform in the avatar).  Never kept any of the Lionel BSA stuff that I had during those years and wish that I did. 

Here are some Scouts on my Rock Face module. I tried to get back to Philmont last year, but the fires put those plans up in smoke. And who knows how things will turn out this year!






Images (2)

Here are my Boy Scout cars with my medals.  I also still have both my Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts uniforms.



Images (1)

I have the Boy Scout Eagle Award and the Explorer Scout Silver Award (not a long lived award, but got it while it was current). About 1955 or so...

Me too, Troop 194 (now gone) in Syracuse, NY, then the Onondaga Counsel.

I was 13 and became an Eagle just prior to the 1964 National Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA.

Philmont the following Summer.

Of course, a earned the Railroading Merit Badge.

My cousin Lad, also a Forum Member, earned his Eagle in 1963.

Hi there Cousin Lad!



Here's a  video I shot at the NJ Hi-Railers a few years ago of my BSA consist when we had some Cub Scouts come visit.

Stay Safe


My son earned his Eagle Scout rank in 2015.   It was very cool to see it happen and a great experience for him and our family.

Stay well and stay safe everyone.


paulp575 posted:

I purchased the BSA boxcar (6-39319 - Boy Scouts® "Scout Law" Add-on Boxcar ) in 2009 and think I have every BSA-licensed item Lionel produced. You can take a look at my current collection (still adding some recently purchased items!) here: http://www.dog-walker.org/trains-modern.htm

Thanks for posting your list.  I realized from it that my list had 3 items mis-categorized.

They were:

Boy Scout Flagpole with Lights6-37948
BSA® Troop Cabin 6-37967
BSA Billboard Set6-37904


I also forgot I have a collection from the opposite point of view.  I have about 175 Scout Patches that have trains on them.    One of these days I have to get it photographed and categorized.

A couple of samples


Images (5)

I butted heads with a crooked leader over his pinewood derby rules distributed being followed, but differing from BS printings.... and his kid went to national not me. His kid should have been disqualified too and #3 should have went, but not ,and the higher ups didn't care, so I quit.

But I still support the group in general and most folks that go outdoors with me are Eagles who always assumed from outdoor skills that I was an Eagle too.   (I think I was the first non-Eagle family born in the 1900s,Native American, boating, and logging type elders taught me live outdoors when I was very young. I've spent nearly a month alone in the woods just for kicks (and the berries )

  That said about 50 pup tents would be cool as there is a very old undeveloped camp just West of the Mackinaw Bridge I wouldn't mind modeling someday.

Thanks for all those "Good deeds" too.

I know that line still makes me late sometimes 

Eagle Scout: 2018

I got someone to become certified in the railroading merit badge a few months prior to my ceremony because that is the only badge I ever wanted from the time I joined. Haha

I got my Eagle Scout award in 1962 just after turning 14. My first merit badge was Railroading. The way I look at that award is once an Eagle, always an Eagle, ever to work and act as such.


Eagle Scout  1964  3 Palms   OA   Asst Scoutmaster  

My sponsor at my Eagle Scout Banquet was Astronaut John Glenn.  

Received my Eagle at the hospital bedside of my Scoutmaster, who was dying of cancer in Kessler AF Base Medical Center. He pinned on 4 Eagles that day, incl his two sons and died two weeks later. Today, I am a civilian clinical pharmacist in that same AF hospital. 

Son is an Eagle Scout, Father was First Class, Grandfather was Scoutmaster and I have his Troop Charter dated 1934  I have my uniform and my BSA Handbook.  

Have the Lionel BSA Set and Add-on Cars.  

2013, I have 2 Of The Eagle Boxcars and UP Caboose.

My dad didn’t make it to Eagle, but he has a Cub scout and Eagle Boxcar in S gauge.

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