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I purchased this diesel last year...the only diesel I own...obviously I like Halloween stuff. I have not run it since last year and I recall it remembered its ID over the course of the week or so I ran it; does the reprogrammed ID get "lost" over time? I need to dig it out and re-check as its likely coming on the 1-year warranty date.

Bought one last year but haven't had the chance to run it yet.  Will be changing the train out on the office ceiling layout soon, though!  I don't normally venture outside of a few roadnames, but the office loop gives me a bit of freedom from what I plan to do at home.  

I didn't initially get that excited about the Pacific ELX loco when listed, but now that I have the passenger cars I  be looking for one of those, too - esp. if it also has Halloween sounds.  A single RS-11 looks a bit silly at the head of a passenger train, though maybe if they were to make a 2nd road number....

- Neal

I checked my EOLT RS-11 today, and it did not come up with its programmed ID. I set the ID again, powered down, and waited a bit, and was able to call it up successfully. However, its obvious now that over time the ID is "lost." It's a bummer to send back to Lionel for something like this, risk damage in shipping, something going wrong when they have it, etc. 

FWIW: My RS-11 "remembered" its re-programmed ID, day 2. Yet, given it lost it over time (from last year to yesterday), and given other people's experiences, I surmise it will eventually lose it again. It's not a big deal to re-program, but since this engine will be part of a lashup, it would be a PITA to have to re-program.

I don't understand how it remembers it's ID short term and loses it long-term.

Day 5 of re-programming and my ELTX RS-11 is "remembering" its ID, #13 Each operation session I am putting it through various operations, the usual stuff, tower com, crew talk, aux 1 (great wolf howling sounds BTW), backwards, forwards, bell (another great sound effect), and so far so good on ID retention.

Yet, from last year to a week ago, the ID was "lost" and necessitated re-programming.

I am 99% positive that I programmed it last year to engine #13, because I likened its engine # to the "Friday the 13th" horror flicks from my youth  and it is my usual practice to program a Lionel engine after initial test run.

This is perplexing. I reckon I'll keep playing with it and if it retains memory for more than a month or two, I won't send it back...but the 1-year warranty period is rapidly approaching. For the price of these things, it'd be nice to have a multiple year warranty.


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