The only way to know is for someone to try with each item. While many will be fine, a good amount will not.  Additionally, some that can handle the O-31 curves will derail when going through switches one or both ways.



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I have found that quite a few of the bigger scale articulated Lionels that are rated for 072 minimum; will actually navigate 054 quite reliably. And several that are rated for 054 will actually operate on 042. One notable exception is the articulated EM-1. It will not handle anything less than 072, because the rear power truck is firmly affixed to the frame; ie it does not swivel. Same with the UP 4-12-2 3 cylinder, and the VL Bigboy.


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I have the Lionel Amfleet cab car and its navigates my Fastback 036 curves without issues. I only hope the Lionel F40 locomotive I have on preorder will perform equally as well seeing it's rated for 054 curves. Since we are on the subject can anyone here on the forum comment on their experiences with the Lionel kinematic couplers on the newer loco's and 036 curves. 




The minimum curve requirement is based upon complex turnouts and S curves.  In the past my 072 p5a modifies ran on 054 (072 rated), my P3 NYC Hudson with PT Tender will run on my 054 curves and it is rated for 072.  I just tested my Legacy Big Boy and it ran on my Ross 064 with transitions of 072.  I just verified that contrary to one of the other posts, my Legacy EM1 does operate on the Ross 064 curves.  I also verified that my 3rd Rail SF 2900 class northern also runs on that curve as well.  One note is the bolt holding the boiler to the chassis came off.  Louie at Engine House Hobbies, epoxied a nut inside the boiler  after taking out the smoke unit to fix the stripped threads.

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