Lionel's volume 2 2018 catalog shows 52' coil gondolas that come with a coil load and they can be converted to scale couplers.

Have these gondolas come out on the market yet? Are the coil loads made of plastic or metal? What prototype are these gondolas modeled after? I think they may be Pullman Standards but I'm not sure. 

If there are full complete pictures of all sides of these cars including undersides, please share them with us.

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I received mine and surprised to see they do not have Kadee mounting pads and no hardware for scale couplers. I’ll need to do some extra work to convert the couplers. 

These are the O scale Pullman-Standard PS-5 gondola models.

The High-Rail couplers can be unscrewed from the trucks. 

The coil loads are plastic.





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