Here’s the summary, picture of the numbering sheet and example, for those who would like to look at this latest thread without having to click back to a longer old thread:

( Credit GregR with the numbering summary from last August and the image he subsequently posted. I added the below example and slightly edited the summary)

Lionel new numbering system

Effective in 2019

-First two digits are the year of introduction.

-Next two digits are the primary marketing category. (For example, 25 is track, 26 is full O scale rolling stock, 28 is O traditional rolling stock, 31 is full O scale steam locomotives, 32 is O non-scale steam locomotives, and 42 is Lionscale. See image below for full list.)

-Last three numbers are the product stock number, which differiates items that share the same first four numbers. (Road numbers are also included as separate stock items.)



For example, Lionel 1933151 or 152 (Wisconsin & Southern SD40-2 #4001 or #4003) is a 2019 introduction (19),  full O scale diesel (33), with two different road numbers (stock no. 151 or 152).

Jim R. 


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Yes I did notice this when I pulled up this email again. Again this is directly from the Lionel sales Team on January 17th 2018. The first catalog to use this was 2018 V2 so they did have roughly 5 Months to make some changes. Didn’t originally attach it but I also have a HO version that states “87-“ In 2019 V1 if you look at the HO products this is true. Not sure the reason for the change for O and S. 


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