Lionel's new Ore Car 6 packs

I see these cars are at dealers now. Has anybody seen them that can comment? A picture would be highly appreciated. 


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The new Lionel Chicago & North Western ore car sets have arrived in stores. The colors are much more accurately brighter or lighter than the 2006 CNW ore car from Lionel. They put die-cast trucks on the new CNW ore cars. The logo is only one color on the ore cars in the 6 pack. 



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I like that they are producing sets of cars like this w/different road numbers.  Looks cool.  I do notice that the Bachman car is larger.  Not knocking your railroad.  I have purchased hoppers (love hoppers) of all the O scale manufacturers and have found that there is no continuity of scale even when the maker claims that their cars are 1:48.  My bad, I guess, for not assuming that.  This is funny.   I wanted 55 ton 2-bay hoppers and got some of each Atlas, MTH, Lionel but could never run them together as the sizes of all 3 are so different.   Naturally I'm sorry I ever started down that road.  There's another thread about scales right now and it seems there's not much agreement among manufacturers on this.   Sorry for hijacking your thread, thought maybe others have been frustrated by this, too.

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