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Great Review Eric! I really liked the doubleheader scenes. 👍🏻

I got the Denver and Rio Grande Version. It’s an amazing engine. I ran it probably 15 minutes then it stopped last night when I was taking a video for YouTube. The video I shot is above. I emailed Lionel with a description and even sent them a short video clip with a request to get it fixed. I had the RA number and shipping label this morning. It went out this afternoon for repair. I’ll let you know what was wrong with it when it returns.


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Got my engine back in record time. Here are the notes from the repair. “replace LCP3-B board it was bad put on test track reprogram to 14 everything ran and worked as should cant find anything that stands out as to why the board went out , will check the old board out later buy just want to thank you for buying lionel and if you want check us out on facebook , youtube or our podcast”

That was the good news, Bad News the back trailing truck plastic wear bearing was broken when I went to run the engine. Bummer. Had to request a replacement and wait another 10 days to run my engine.

Finally got everything back together and engine seems to be working fine. 👍🏻

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