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Has anyone upgraded to LEDs on the Lionel Santa Fe Hi Levels?   Or other Hi/Bi levels that are similar in wiring.  I want to keep the board that is in the car and then add a regulator with LEDs to the top and lower level of the car.  Want to keep the board since it has the switches for overall on/off then switch for the end of car lights.    Interesting that the end of car lights are in fact LED so no change there.  

My thought is running the power from the trucks to the regulator/capacitor then output to the board.  The center of the board marked 3rd rail   You will note there are 2 red wires  One is from the roller and the other red wire is over to the screw that is to the metal base of the car.

Has anyone done this previously and if so how did you do that?

Was not sure where to post and chose this forum as a start.   If incorrect please advise.


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