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They work, but really weak. They cannot handle the voltage surges of twin coil switch machines like NJI's. Thats why SC-2's were developed. For SC-1's to work correctly without frying in a high amp situation,  you have to use them to fire a relay.
Its been a while since I had to remember their limitations. I'm sure GRJ can better explain their problems.
My advice is to keep looking for SC-2's

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Yes, strongly advise against using SC1 for typical switches. The problem is, they us tiny TRIACs to control the outputs. I just got done repairing 2 for the second time that a user overloaded the outputs and blew the tiny TRIACs to pieces.

The SC-2 has high current relays.

Forum sponsor Trainz typically has tons of both. Heck, I just counted, I saw 3 under $50 and 3 more under $60 for used SC-2s.

I have to sing with the chorus, the SC-1 is very limited in functionality and power handling.  I lost count of all the triacs I've replaced in them, but it's a bunch.  I actually haven't seen one come in for repair for a couple of years, so maybe people are finally retiring them.  I believe I still have some in a box somewhere, I'd love to get $20 for them as I know I'll never use them.

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