For Sale is a Like New Lionel 6-11203 Pere Marquette #1225 Berkshire and Polar Express Tender 6-1115  from the Lionel 2009 Christmas Catalog. This is a scale-sized and accurately detailed Pere Marquette Berkshire #1225 equipped with the LEGACY Control System and Odyssey II Speed Control. Also included are Like New  4 of the Scale Sized Polar Express Passenger Cars Coach, Observation, Diner/Combo & Abandoned Toy Car. Legacy Railsounds featuring:-CrewTalk dialog and TowerCom announcements, each with different scenarios depending on whether the locomotive is in motion or stopped-Five official railroad speeds with CrewTalk dialog-DynaChuff synchronized chuffing that shifts through 15 levels of intensity as the locomotive gains speed-LEGACY "Real-Time Quilling Whistle" control with instant response for realistic signature "quilling" and correctly timed warning signals-Single hit or continuous bell sounds Features conductor announcements From Tom Hanks voice taken directly from the movie  

I bought this New in 2010, tested it, ran it around the track about 10 minutes to check it out, ran it at Christmas the following year, again about 10 minutes and it has been in the display case since then. 
6-11203 Polar Express Berkshire #1225 with 6-1115 Polar Express Tender
6-25575 Polar Express Coach & Observation
6-25630 Polar Express Diner / Combination Car
6-25587 Polar Express Abandoned Toy Car
Lionel MSRP in 2010 $2214 for Engine, Tender & 4 Coaches.  Sale for $1499 + Actual Shipping 
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