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Brand New UP SD70 Lionel Legacy #2033600

Engine #1111

Reduced price $435
Took out of box for pictures and retesting
Tested forward - reverse
Lights and all legacy features
Turned smoke on and can on and smoke. Did not add any additional fluid to keep as new.
Outerbox is like new also
As this is new original parts and manual
Selling as changed mind on engines running.

Also kept video of testing and can provide.

Accept PayPal

shipping  not included

email in profile if interested


Images (4)
  • 37865461-8255-4073-9832-3439505D2DEA
  • FB825A6D-18AB-4CDA-852A-DE647BE4AF49
  • 31C7468A-1CB2-4E35-8E4E-85497B11C599
  • 9ABACA0D-8C4E-426A-A870-AD5059538B09
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