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I just purchased a second hand Lionel NS SD80mac (6-28204). I am using a CW80 controller and everything works great as far as directional controls, odyssey speed control, rail sounds, bell and horn. I noticed that the directional lights don't seem to be functioning properly, or so I believe.

When the loco is moving forward, no lights on the rear are illuminated. When the train is in reverse, only the lights circled below are illuminated. The lights on the front of the train don't change pattern when the train is forward or reverse.

Is directional lighting only a feature if I am running TMCC or should these be operational with a standard controller?



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     Check if the Run/PRGM switch is in RUN. This switch locks TMCC engine to rum in one direction. I did not see a video of your engine running in reverse. If the engine is not running correctly see if there is a train club in your area that has TMCC or Legacy that can perform a engine reset for you. You can also post where you live (City State) as a forum member who is located near you may be able to help you out. Good luck


The light pattern in reverse is the same as the neutral video that i posted. I suspect when the engine is running forward that the rear red lights and number boards should be illuminated.

I will see if some of my local train shops could possibly reset it and maybe find members in my area.

The run/pgm toggle is in the run position currently.

I eventually do want a tmcc, legacy or even the new cab3 system. But that will have to wait as my hobby allowance is depleted at the moment - ha.

I was able to stop by a train shop in my area and have the locomotive reset. However it seems to be exhibiting sone of the same behavior.

The guy who reset it seemed to think it is working as expected but the rear number boards and red rear lights don't work. He suggested maybe it doesn't have any but i can see the wires leading the the LEDs for the rear number boards.

Is it possible that the locomotive wasn't reset correctly? I didn't want to insult the gentlemen helping me out since i am new to this type of locomotive.

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