Tinplate Art posted:

WHERE exactly are they relocating?

The service department is moving across the street to Lionel’s main building. The only non-Lionel space in the main building became available, and Lionel leased it. This move will mean that all of Lionel’s operations will be consolidated in one building, and that should lead to better integration of service with the other departments.

Retired is a misnomer.  Should be detired--less tired, more fun!

That is real good news!  I hope this means they now will be answering “ALL” their e-mails.  The last two messages I sent were never answered!!..........


Not for their foreseeable future. They said they aren't taking any warranty work or issuing RA numbers till after the middle of July. So I would assume customer service will be minimal or none during that time frame. After that hopefully things will be better.

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