Am I the only customer in the UK/World who has a problem with Lionel customer service.

Since 2012 I have spent thousands of pounds GBP on Lionel Legacy and standard locomotives, tracks, accessories, and in the beginning I was a complete novice but as my confidence grew I purchased more and more. Lionel service was absolutely fantastic, but it seems now if you need an answer to a question or any after sales repairs it can take ages to get an answer,or upto eight weeks for a repair if not longer.

Perhaps if the M.D. can answer truthfully the question I would be most grateful.

I do not think I will be spending any more of my pension money on Lionel products, except for those on back order. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to air my satisfaction, I would be grateful if this could be put in the correct forum please.

Do not get me wrong I still rate The Locomotives and the Legacy system, although the crew talk could do with an update as well as the tower comm. Talk.

They are more expensive than the MTH equivalent, who by the way have a better extended sound system in regards to driver/controller talk and feed back. I started with Lionel and now it it would be to costly to change.

I would via your magazine to thank Eric's Trains and my favourite store Trainworld for introducing me to Lionel and Train world for incredible deals.


Essex UK




O gauge or No gauge


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