Lionel Shay

Cecil B. DePolicastro !!


A cast of thousands.

In technicalColor.

And PanaLegacy !


Anyway, I have a question.

How come when anyone makes a train video, the whistle always blows when the train appears? Very coincidental, I think.


And . . . . that's a lot of logs the Shay is pulling.

Is Mrs. Policastro missing a tree?


Kudos for picture quality, sound, and stability.

Great layout, too !




Passengers will please refrain, This train's got the disappearin' railroad blues...

Thank you.


I got the tour bus at York from one of the diecast dealers. Looked at the bottom and it's made by the "Open Tour Bus Company"! Makes sense.



Didn't realize the hunter had made it into the video. Now I have to get him to sign a release form!!!  But, then again, maybe not, if you could see how his day is going to take a turn for the worse very soon!


hunt 001




I sent the Homies out into the woods with an ax, singing, "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm OK". Lucky they all made it back. But, I do have a message on my answering machine from the local forest ranger. 




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I love that Shay, Jim!  I have one of those little buggers (West Side Lumber) and relatively soon will have 42" curves to run it on.  Also recently acquired a K-Line Shay with the same road name, but have yet to give it a test run.  Also awaiting the MTH Climax set with PS3.


Most of all, I like that Alaska RR caboose you show in that segment, Jim!  It would look very good with the Alaska SW1500 I'm picking up tomorrow.   


Ya done good with that new camera, my friend!

Nice video Jim, I really like my Paul Bunyan shay now that it will pull cars on 031 with the adapter added. Enough so that I am adding a third level to the extension of the layout just for it with a lumber camp and logging operation.

Paul S.

TCA# 08-62324

 Model railroading in mythical "Peach Hollow, VA!"

 Any day you wake up on the upside of the dirt is a good day!

Originally Posted by gunrunnerjohn:

Allan, you sound like you're trying to get one of each of the items in the catalog!


Sometimes it sure feels like that is the case.  The big-ticket buying is winding down, though.  I have literally run out of space.  I'm trying to do something with my On30 trains now--on a small scale--and that layout is taking up all the space on my dining room table at the present time until I get it far enough along to transfer it into the bedroom.  Bachmann E-Z Command DCC system for that layout arrived today.


But when it comes to buying trains, a whole lot of folks here have me beat.

Originally Posted by TonkaNut:

Nice video Jim!

Combining a tripod with scale speed makes for an enjoyable and realistic shot.


Makes all the difference in the world, doesn't it?  A tripod in the photo equipment inventory is an absolute "must" for model photography as far as I am concerned, and operating trains at somewhat realistic speeds truly adds to the "credibility" of the action in videos.

Originally Posted by Allan Miller:

... Also awaiting the MTH Climax set with PS3.



Good choice... That's on my short-list of purchases too.  I had my eye on that jewel when it was re-catlg'd in 2010 or 2011.  And then bang... MTH ran into its factory troubles in China.  Hopefully we'll see that sweet gem soon though.



Originally Posted by Allan Miller:

Also awaiting the MTH Climax set with PS3.

I have the older PS2 Climax, it is a pretty cool little locomotive.  I would love to find the Legacy Shay at a decent price, that's on my short list.

Thanks again, guys.



The cars with the logs are K-line, with wood I cut from wild grape vines. The last few are MTH.



It's the most basic HD JVC they had on sale at Best Buy for about $150. Model is GZ-E306...links up great with iMovie on my Mac.


I just put another video on the Weekend at the Movies thread.



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