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Anyone know how or have a source to repair the baffles on the Lionel Scale Smithsonian 2 rail passenger cars.  The rubber has deteriorated on one of my cars that has been in storage for years.  Does anyone know if this is generally what happens to them.  I am also questioning if properly done can Dr Mikes glue (CA) be used to repair a brass door weld on same car.  Photos added Thanks for looking 


Thanks Buzz 














Upper and lower door opens and steps and floor drop




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  • Rubber is hard and cracked off, always has been in heated and cooled area
  • P1020123
  • P1020124
  • P1020125
  • P1020126
  • P1020127: sides are hinged but rubber is to stiff to allow function
  • Door hing let go, do not want to repaint
  • Upper and lower door opens and steps and floor drop
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Thanks for the comments.  As mentioned both Lionel and Fine Arts were of no help today. Fine Arts suggested using silicone flashing from a window shop, it must be thin they said. I have also called an old source that Lionel had given me years ago.  The name I had was

Bill Zabo
136 Pershing Ave
Carteret NJ 07008

His phone no longer works but the internet says he still lives there.  I will write him a note over the next several days. If anyone else knows him let us knows.  I will let you all know if I learn anything. Thanks


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