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Some 10 years ago I bought via internet a Lionel Smithsonian 3-rail Dreyfuss Hudson. When it arrived it proofed to be the 2-rail version. I can run 2-rail and 3-rail on my garden layout so I decided to keep it, but I had no train  to pull, any 3-rail car was electrically no go. I thought the 3 connector connection between locomotive and tender was not very nice and since I also did not like the sound I rewired the connections having only one small connector remaining.  Recently I found out that the 2-rail Lionel Smithsonian passenger cars were getting lower in price so I acquired a train with RPO, Diner, Sleeper and Observation. So this afternoon, although the weather was a bit dark, I ran my (shortened) 1938 20th Century Limited:





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