Lionel Smoke Unit (610-8057-200 )

Dear all


I am unfamiliar with Lionel and TMCC, got my first two locos last week, a U30C and a U33C


Here is the thing I have read the posts on modifying the smoke unit for better smoke (the video) but I have a different problem that is no smoke at all, and I wonder if this is a circuit board problem or a system reset problem.


The U30C works fine


The U33C has the following symptoms


1. The little fan unit cycles as it should on idle

2. The heater cycles (should it do that) but it never gets very hot, it gets hot to the touch but not enough to vaporise the smoke liquid


Might this be a smoke unit problem or is there a feature on the main PCB that needs resetting ? not sure what the little PCB attached to the smoke unit does ? could this be the problem area ?


Any pointers would be appreciated, is there a logical test procedure that I should follow ? 


I have ordered a new unit from Boxcar Bill and when that arrives I will swap them out and see if that isolates the fault between main control board and the smoke unit


Thanks in advance

Cheers Eric "Ted" Mason - Life's a Dance

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I don't think it is the smoke unit. A reset should solve the problem. The instruction book enclosed with the engine will tell you how to do this. You do need a command base from cab1 or 2. Since you said you were new to this, I assume you are running in conventional mode?

Thanks Chuck, Yes you are right, I was running in conventional mode, I take it that it must be set to minimum hence the fact that it does get hot but not hot enough, I will try the reset.


Cheers Eric "Ted" Mason - Life's a Dance

Masonry, In conventional mode the fan motor should pulse on and off. It (smoke unit) will see track power when running forward and reverse. Unless track power is 12 or more volts the smoke unit will not smoke for squat! Your best bet is make the mods in my video and run the loco in command mode. Without either command or 12V+ on the track you will not see anything exiting the stack. Thank you, Mike Lionel
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