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IMG_1530IMG_1531I have this Lionel GS-2 Loco which I brought out to run after several years in storage. Not a lot of runtime on it.

The smoke unit squeals whenever command to puff/blow.  Took shell off with thought of putting a drop of oil on motor shaft if the impellers not binding on a piece of trash once I remove its top plate.

Am I on the correct path ie remove the three corner screws?

Thanks for  any feedback.


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  • IMG_1530: Smoke Unit
  • IMG_1531: Chasis
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I would say yes....The two center ones close together are likely holding the resistor with little nuts on the underside.

Use a pair of needle nose pliers to pull up on an impeller blade.  Underneath is the little bushing where you want to put a very small drop of oil.  Put a small drop also on the other end of the motor.

May want to check the batting while your in there.

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