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I’ve had 2 of these arrive broken. One with the rear truck broken free of the plastic boss, breaking the boss into pieces, rendering the item unusable and unrepairable, at least at my skill level, and the other with the front truck broken. The first one came from a reputable eBay seller in California, packed properly, and no sign of external damage to shipper. I opened the shipper and eyeballed the crane, and it looked fine. I opened it up to use after the 30 day window on returns, noted the damage, and was told by the seller there was nothing he could do for me.
Wanting this to complete my Southern Freight Runner Set, I bought another from a very well known, long standing, brick and mortar hobby shop. This also arrived in the same state of damage, with zero evidence of damage to the shipper. This seller insisted I wait until a USPS damage claim had been filed by him, before he would send a replacement. He did so, and removed the trucks from the car to prevent another incident of this damage. The third car arrived safely.

If I had the slightest inkling that this breakage would repeat in nearly the exact same fashion, I would’ve warned the store owner before he shipped his first one.

I’m curious to know if anyone else has had this experience?AD41DD7E-4079-46FB-B29F-1287D4DE696D4E3BE03E-F47C-4EFA-A1CD-944E6C700739


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  • AD41DD7E-4079-46FB-B29F-1287D4DE696D
  • 4E3BE03E-F47C-4EFA-A1CD-944E6C700739
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