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I second the above advice.....unfortunately without the aid of the powered car the non powered cars are just dummy cars.  I have had the shell off these types of subway cars and unless you are knowledgable as to how to send a pulse of electricity wirelessly to the two motors inside the car,which operate the doors, you will be out of luck.  



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I just recently purchased a R30 set new and out of the box I'm noticing on 2 of the cars one side doors not opening. I can hear a grinding/huming noise coming from the door side that's having a problem opening. The first 10 minutes of running the train all those open fine then all the sudden they stopped working. You can hear the motors is trying to open the door as if they are jammed. Does anyone have any suggestions have to fix this? Perhaps they just need lubrication since they've been in a box for many years? Any advice would be aagreatly appreciated.

With care I have removed the bodyshell (without disconnecting the electrical wiring) and removed the cover from the door mechanism where the doors were jammed. By gently moving the threaded rods that open and close the doors you can unjam them. I've added a few tiny drops of light oil to the rods, as well as to the tracks where the doors slide, in the hopes of avoiding this in the future. Granted, you should not have to do this on a set you just bought, but the alternative is to take it to a repair service or send it back to Lionel.

Thanks Joe for the suggestion. I'm going to pull the 2 cars apart like you said and lube up the shafs. I'm wondering if white grease would be better then just oil. I wonder if necessary to pull all the cars apart and lube them all after all they've been sitting in the box since roughly 2010... Oil is probably all dried out

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I have an add on pair of the subways WITHOUT having a powered car.  Is there an easy way to get the doors to open without having that powered car?

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If you want to open the doors and leave them open it is not a difficult thing to do, I service these cars all the time and run my very often. I am in clearwater if you want to give me a call. Let me know.

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