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I have the following: LIONEL 18378/31752 R-27 & 25582/31794 R-30 SUBWAYS. I have looked at catalogs, googled and have found conflicting info.  By all I've found the R-27 requires minimum curves of 072.   The R-30's I've seen minimum curves of 031 and 054.  What is the minimum curve radius required for the R-27 & R-30??   I don't know why the minimum radius would be different for these units. I'm designing a new layout, therefore I need to know.  My units have never been opened and are somewhere in a stack of train equipment, therefore I can't easily find the boxes. 

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Originally Posted by Pingman:

The R27 requires 072 min. according to LIONEL's website product description.


The R30 requires 036 min. according to LIONEL's website product description


Why there's a difference between the R27 and R30, I have no idea.


You mention "conflicting information."  What's the source of the conflict.

All of these cars are the same size, and presumably have the exact same mechanicals. Literally the only difference between them should be the body shell.


What is the rating for the newest model? That wide a span of minimum radii suggests a typo somewhere.



I have the R-16 and R-30 sets and both run on O-36 curves.  The R-27 info from Lionel's site says the trains are approximately 15" each, bringing the 4 car set to 60".  All three sets appear to be identical from photos and the two I have are identical except for the paint jobs.  I hope that this info was helpful, the only other way would be to get one of the R-27's in your hand and test run it if possible.

It' real simple. When Lionel first announced the R27 Subway Cars they do not have a good idea as to what the minimum curve would be so to cover themselves they listed them as 072 but as we know since all of the Lionel New York Subway Cars operate on 036 curves. MTH does the same thing with their new product as does Sunset Models / 3rd Rail such as with their FL9 model that operates fine on 048 curved track. Any model that has a minimum curve listed as 054 will operate on Lionel 048 and Atlas 045 curves.

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