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I have been developing an interest in the Lionel "T" Rail track system.  Anyone use this track system? Any layout photos? Know where to find it? Know where to learn more about it? I believe the years it was offered were 1937 to 1942. Is this the correct forum to ask this question?

What can I say! I can't tell you why I am interested.!!! I find the obscure interesting!!



Lionel Super "O" Track is always being BOUGHT & SOLD

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@fisch330 had a beautiful recreation of the 1938 Lionel Showroom Layout, which used T-Rail track, and this appeared in both CTT in 1998, and in many TM's videos like the Lionel Century video.

Because it was around for only 5-6 years, T-Rail track is pretty scarce, especially straights and switches. 

The challenge with T-Rail is that it has absolutely ZERO flexibility when assembling.


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I have a full circle and two switches of T-Rail, sans joiner plates.  I would have to dig them out, but if you would pay the shipping.  It would please me to see someone put them to good use.  They came in  a small collection that I purchased about twenty years ago.  See my profile for my contact info.

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Good luck, it is good stuff. I had a friend who had an oval of it for his 700E and Rail Chief Cars. It is difficult to find complete, that is with all the hardware and as stated above. It is unforgiving or not very flexible. There is a layout in one of the Great Layout books published years ago

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