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After 30 plus years I quit the T C A a few years ago. I noticed they haveTCA issued remake of the subject car and I would like to get one. I think they are in the $97 range plus shipping. If anyone could get one for me I would appreciate it. Please advise.

Thank you very much, Jerry

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@Jerry A posted:

Thanks guys, I think I will pass also. You would think that they would have made a car like this as close to possible as the original?


It certainly could have been made with full rivet detail and double metal door guides, but based on sales projections and minimum required production quantities, it would have lost money.  Hence, it wouldn't be smart business practice to make the car as close to the original as possible.  In that case, it would have been better to not make the car at all.  Instead, smart business practice dictated the use of a body design that was in alignment with sales projections.


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