Need some help here.   I had my loco train shop send in under warranty my PRR GP-30 to have the sound board changed out and it came back with only the head lights working.  No marker lights (front and back), no number board lights (front and back), and reverse lights.  The train shop owner indicated that Lionel had informed him that this might happen and I know for sure that the lights worked just fine before I gave it to him to send in.  Has anyone had this problem and is there a fix.  Grant it, Lionel sent it back with a working sound board but come on, no lights.  Please advise,

Tony G

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Thanks Rod, I’m pretty sure Lionel wouldn’t send back an engine not completely working.

Well.... this isn’t totally true. They have sent back BRAND NEW locomotives with new problems, missing parts, or broken parts. I know of a few model railroaders with this problem. If this is the 2002-2003 run, I may be able to help. If you open up the locomotive (be careful of the smoke unit as it has a piece connecting the unit and the exhaust stack) there should be a series of plugs that run from the TMCC boards to a light board inside the shell. There also should be a wiring harness inside the cab that contains all the wiring for the marker lights, head light, and number boards. These aren’t the best photos, but they are all I could do for right now.C941FF92-28C9-4707-8824-E39432EDFEE13A4683A5-1FC1-4B96-8479-481060F8B1E5C21A126D-AC5B-49F8-82EF-E51A0894AD96DFB3DFF7-5410-4D3E-AB4D-783650A14BCE39CE5EE0-038C-455C-A7C8-09F63D1335F6



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