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My question concerns a lionel 6-18221 sd-50 engine. I read the old thread about the very same engine and it was very interesting but i have a question about this because i have the very same engine coming in for repair. Here is the question, the lcru board is possibly bad and if so is can I remove the lcru board and wire the railsound board directly to the incoming ac power or is it a regulated dc power for the railsound board and if so what is the dc voltage.  

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Gunrunner, i would like you opinion on what i found on a railsound 2.5 board. The engine is numbered 5512/ Rio Grande. There is a two wire plug with the female board receptacle still on the plug.  I see no other two pin that it could possibly be. The plug is connected to the “railsounds/signal only” switch. Does it matter which way i plug this back onto the board since it is either open or closed.


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